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"I literally handed it over"

Your business needs you to focus on higher-level tasks but social media is still a critical factor for growth.

Our Premium Plus social media marketing package has got you covered.

We'll do everything, so you don't have to

It’s a no brainer, your business needs to be on social media. You know that.
But it steals a lot of hours. Hours that you could spend strategising about your next move and how you can continue to grow and diversify your business. That’s high-value time you shouldn’t be wasting on social media. And it’s costing you.
Let’s get you back to where you can make the most impact.

What's included in a Premium PLUS Package?

Comprehensive Facebook and Instagram marketing to accelerate your growth.

Marketing Foundations

We’ll create a clear framework that will form the basis of your marketing strategy. These core pillars will enable us to design your brand presence and build an audience of ideal customers.

Your foundation framework will identify:
-Your vision
-Your brand identity
-Your ideal client avatars
-Your competitors
-Key phrases and answers
-Visual identity and digital footprint
-Platforms and content styles
-Your social media setup for success

Monthly Strategic Planning

A strong social media strategy is the key to driving tangible results for your business. We’ll craft a strategy for both organic and paid social media marketing that’s in line with your unique business goals.

Your Premium PLUS Package includes:
– Strategy planning: to hone and target your social media marketing so you get the results you need
– Reviewing and reporting: we’ll make sure your social media marketing is working as planned and make adjustments as new info comes in

Facebook and Instagram Organic Marketing

Organic growth is by far the most sustainable, cost-effective and beneficial for your business. But it’s also the hardest to maintain and takes the most time.
We’ll take care of it for you, so you can recover your time while we build a solid, professional social media presence for your business.

You’ll get:
– Up to 40 unique Facebook and Instagram posts scheduled and posted each month
– Hashtag development
– Up to 10 standard graphic posts generated for Facebook and Instagram each month

Facebook Ad Campaigns

Your business needs you, but it’s incredible how fast Facebook can get you obsessing over audiences, targeting, retargeting, conversion events, budgets and more. Instead of putting your focus where it matters. Your Business!
Time to say see-ya to ol’ Zuck. We’ll build the campaigns that send qualified traffic to your website ot lead magnet while you build your own empire.

You’ll get:
-Audience creation
-Up to 5 campaigns per month
-Ad set creation
-Ad retargeting, measuring and reporting

Community Management

We all know social media is about building your community of loyal followers, but followers need attention. And you’ll never get great engagement if you don’t have time to, well…engage.

We’ll put the ‘social’ in your social media. Your Premium Plus package includes:
-Social monitoring and simple replies
-Set up of your automated replies through Instagram and Messenger

Project Management

We’ll do the work but you’re still in control. You’ll have access to all the information we create and data we gather. So you know exactly what’s going on in your business at all times.

With every campaign you get:
– Access to private teams folder where we keep pall your assets
– Done-for-you project management
– Regular check-ins

Before Social Friends, our social media was really inconsistent. We struggled to get momentum and get results.
We now have a really clear strategy. Our social is growing rapidly, we’re getting far more interaction and we’re really standing out from our competitors.
It’s been nothing but positives since working with Social Friends.

Katie, L – Austral Meat

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