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You've finished our Mini course, so what's next?

Now you're ready to start the hiring process! But, what if we tell you that we have a handy tool that will will help you map out each stage of your VA hiring process?

That's where our Guide comes in!

We'll guide you through the 3 steps to find and onboard the perfect VA who seamlessly integrates into your team

Step 1: Recruitment - Finding the Perfect Fit:

Identify your needs, write a compelling job description, and use the right platforms to find top talent.

Step 2: Onboarding - Set Up for Success:

Develop a smooth onboarding process to introduce your VA to your company culture, tools, and workflow.

Step 3: Management - Building a Lasting Partnership:

Learn how to delegate effectively, provide regular feedback, and communicate openly with your VA.

Here's What's Inside Our Guide:

  • Actionable Steps:

    Each stage of the VA recruitment process is mapped out with clear instructions.

  • Pro Tips And Best Practices:

    Learn valuable insights and expert advice to ensure a seamless and productive working relationship with your VA.

  • Bonus Offer:

    We're offering an option that you can do instead if you find the whole hiring process outside of your zone.


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