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Hey I'm 

Founder of Social Friends

My passion lies in helping others and I love doing that through business, in particular social media marketing. There are so many incredible small businesses and professionals out there and most of them aren't using the power of social media marketing to their full advantage, because they either don't have the time or they lack skills and confidence.

I've been in business for almost two decades, have experience in many industries and have seen the marketing landscape change dramatically. I understand the challenges business owners & professionals face - especially when it comes to social media. I know the feeling of overwhelm that comes with having to be good at all of the departments in your business from sales & operations to finance & marketing. I get it, you're a business owner, not a marketer.


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How Social Friends came to be

Over the past 5 years or so the shift to marketing on social media not only became evident, but essential. During this time I noticed how challenging people found the social media landscape. So I created Social Friends. A way I could share with more people how to make social media work for them. Helping business owners to free up their time,  grow their brand and ultimately boost their bottom line.

More about me

Well I'm a FIFO wife with two incredible teenage children and one fur child (whom I affectionately refer to as my 'red shadow'). Family, contribution and having fun are my top values in life. I love travelling with my family and hanging out with friends. Helping others really really fills my cup, which is why I'm part of a 400 strong business coaching community - supporting others and investing in my own personal growth. I probably don't have to tell you that Facebook & Instagram are the best ways to keep up with me.