Writing Copy

When writing copy you can use many different techniques. Get creative and test and measure everything. Speak to the problems/concerns of your Ideal Clients. The format looks like this:

  • Problem
  • Solution
  • Offer
  • Timeframe (optional)

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Poor Social Media Presence
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Below are some more examples of effective social media copywriting strategies which you can apply to your brand’s social media content.

Encourage Your Audience to Join the Conversation
In the early days of social media, many businesses seeking to engage their audiences on Facebook and Instagram were slow to catch up on the fact that these platforms weren’t just about self-promotion or advertising. Social media is about being social, which requires moving from one-way to two-way communication (i.e. conversation).

One way to encourage conversations with your audience is to write copy asking them questions or gamifying their responses.
“Tell us your ideas…”
“Sound off in the comments and tell us what you think.”
“What are you looking forward to/excited about?”

Elevate Images With Emotional Copy
Sometimes, less is more when writing copy for social media. Take Instagram for example, where the average user spends 21 minutes each day scrolling through photos and videos. On such a visual-driven platform, short & concise is the name of the game. Use your captions to elevate your images and videos by conveying a message that evokes emotions.
An Instagram post with a photo of puppies, which, in the grand scheme of things, isn’t special – thousands of dog photos are shared on the app every day – with the caption “Image being welcomed by this when you get home’ makes the reader to stop and think.

Write Copy that Leverages FOMO
The fear of missing out (FOMO) is a powerful motivator that fuels many of our social media behaviours. A survey by MyLife.com shows that 56% of social media users are afraid to be away from social networks because they might miss out on events, news, and important status updates. And unsurprisingly, FOMO can also be great way for your social media copy
to grab people’s attention, especially if it uses the following elements:
Exclusivity – Copy reflecting exclusive access or first “dibs” on an offering
Urgency – Copy communicating an offering available for a limited time only
Scarcity – Copy communicating limited availability on an offering