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Why LinkedIn?

LinkedIn Hacks The best performing content for LinkedIn includes: Sharing industry insights and news, Professional development, Job openings and career opportunities, Company updates and milestones & Visual content LinkedIn has become the go-to social networking site for professionals, recruiters, and businesses seeking to expand their reach and establish meaningful connections. Originally created with the purpose […]

How to Start Your Own LinkedIn Newsletter: 10 Best Practices

In this Module we’ll walk through the pros and cons of a LinkedIn newsletter. We’ll show the benefits and risks and we’ve added a guide showing what is considered to be LinkedIn newsletter best practices. A lot of content creators launch newsletters in 2020 when the new feature launched. It was immediately obvious what LinkedIn […]

How to use Pain Points to sell

Pain points are misunderstood. When most copywriters talk about pain points, they talk about agitation: “Dig into the problem.” “Make it visceral.” “Write so they practically FEEL THE PAINNNN.” But the way we talk about pain points TOTALLY gives the wrong idea. Because pain points aren’t about shame, blame, or twisting the knife. They’re about […]

How to make customers/clients say “I need this”

This is GOLD advice. Your audience don’t really want to feel like the problem. Here’s what we mean… We recently saw a post that was titled “X reasons why you’re terrible at sales calls” And guess what? We didn’t read it.  Because there’s a big difference between *calling out a problem* and saying “YOU!!!!! YOU […]

Steal these subject lines 

The subject line of an email is a critical gateway to capturing your recipient’s attention and motivating them to open your message.   In just a few words, it has the power to convey the essence of your email’s content, evoke curiosity, and address the recipient’s needs or interests.   An effective subject line is […]

99 Ideas for ABOUT (Story) posts

As your business grows, your story will evolve, and you will begin to add to it, but the foundations of your business will remain the same. As your following grows, your new followers want to get to know you and your older following will appreciate reflecting on the journey with you.   We live in a […]

Caption Writing Mistakes

You’re downright awesome at what you do. You know it, your favourite people know it, and your past clients know it, too.   But how do you convince someone you’ve never met that you’re exactly what they need? It all comes down to words – and choosing the right ones.  Let’s start with the Most Common […]

Calls to Action that make you sound fun 

A CTA (call-to-action) encourages your people to take the next step — to sign up, to buy, to shop, to convert.   But not every post needs to be conversion based i.e., sales based. You can use CTA’s to encourage engagement (like, shares, comments). Usually CTAs are *concise* and *actionable*.  Words like: Sign Up Learn More Subscribe Shop Now Buy Now See Portfolio Read Reviews Get […]

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